Pardus Image Packs

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This is an image pack collection for the online game Pardus. I made it originally for personal use, but then I decided I won’t be bothered if someone else uses it.

But now, let me explain some things:

  1. I’m not related in anyway to Pardus. All rights are reserved to the legal owners of the game.
  2. I didn’t release any image pack on my own. I just picked some nice artworks at this page on Maxisoft Pardus Encyclopedia and made a simple collage work. So, please, don’t ask me for image pack help or integration.
  3. All the packs in this collection are complete (the missing images are replaced with the Pardus Official Image Pack ones) and made for http use. So, don’t ask me to make zips, because you can make them on your own from the orginal packages in the page linked above. To use them, just go to your Pardus Account Settings page, set the box under Use image pack to yes – http:// and copy and paste the path in the left column.

I think that’s all, now… have fun!


As of the big image packs’ system update of 24/12/2009, I decided to only integrate the old folders with missing images. So they are all 64×64 and when you read “official” translate into “classic“. I only added a little feature: a little script will preload all images of the image pack for the game Pardus. This will take a while, depending also on your connection speed, and will download some megs in the cache of your browser. But will dramatically improve the load time of tha pages of the game if you use this image pack. This is specially useful when using a browser that doesn’t allow the use of a local image pack, like Google ChromeChromium or SRWare Iron.

Path Description
Pardus Official Image Pack (basically just a mirror)
Pardus Official Image Pack (experience gain shown on NPCs, this is my only real mod – ZIP of opponents Classic with experience shown)
All Sunstrike Image Packs merged
All Sunstrike Image Packs merged (experience gain shown on NPCs)
Zealeous Toon Pack
A personal mix, including packs: </p>
  1. Edward Teach Ribbons
  2. Kora Ships
  3. Maxi TB Resources (soft)
  4. Maxi TB User Interface
  5. Nafrath Environment (Planets)
  6. UI (Syndicate logos)
My old working folder, still based on Classic image pack.
My new working folder: you’ll never know what is in there, because… I don’t know either. Based on the new Standard HQ image pack.
ZIP of opponents Standard HQ 64×64 with XP shown.