Pardus Tools

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Firefox Extensions and UserScripts

Which extensions do you use? Here are my suggestions (just two cents…):

General Purpose

* NoScript
Blocks unwanted JavaScript from sites and (most important for us!) enables favourite sites to use local images, such as… image packs!!! 😉

* Screengrab!
n easy way to take screenshots from web pages

* LightShot
Same as above, but with direct upload too!

* Pixlr Grabber
Same as above, but with light editing features (should be great, but I still have to figure out how this works, ndr)


* Pardus AJAX Automapper
Help keeping the Butterfat Maps up-to-date!
Direct links to maps: Orion | Artemis | Pegasus

Notifiers and Quick Commands

* Mr. Xyzzy’s Pardus Helper
This extension is a recoding (with improvements) of the Pardus Quick Commands script, working without GreaseMonkey.

* Cranmer’s Pardus Notifier
This extension provides configurable notification for Pardus Combat Reports, Messages, Chat and Trade Logs. Configuarable notification is via a button, which is overlaid with an C, M, T or Smilie (see above), by alert pop-up box and by sound.


* FTS Trader
Sends to a site all commodities needed in the buildings you trade with. Also sets automatically the amount of the commoditied you have on board needed to fill the max cap of the builidind.
Direct links to public servers: Orion | Artemis | Pegasus

* Shingouz
Shingouz is a trading tool for Pardus. Sole purpose is to help upkeepers to do their task without spending all the APs cruising back and forth the buildings to see what commodities is needed. To take full advantage of the Shingouz you have to install a Firefox extension from here. The extension was originally made by Torx.
Direct links to public servers: Orion | Artemis | Pegasus


Enables to use javascripts to change sites look, here are some scripts for Pardus (make a search on to find many others):
– Pardus Clock
– Pardus Own Building Ticks
– Pardus Quick Commands (sabolton)
– Pardus Navigation Grid
– Pardus Building Buddy
– Pardus Quick Building Attack
– Pardus Keyboard Actions
– Pardus FSC Ship Exporter


For those using scripts with Greasemonkey: scripts may need update due to today’s (04/04/2009) changes to Pardus: read here the DEVs note.

Thanks to this post by Centic, I could (maybe) manage to have the Quick Commands script working again. I’m not a geek, so I don’t retain myself responsible for errors, problems or data losses, just as the original aiuthor doesn’t!!! Remember to BACK UP copy of the script before installing any new one. All links will be replaced with the standard ones I placed in and you’ll have to edit the script to have them again.

If you want me to try to fix something which isn’t working, please leave a comment here or PM me ingame.

You should find it in your Firefox profile, under the folder gm_scripts. If you don’t know where your profile folder is located, read here.

If you don’t know how to add/manage Greasemonkey scripts, read a tutorial! This is one of the many you can find on the net.

Changelog and download

  • Version 1.25.001:
    changes to let the script work with 04/04/2009 site changes (based on the mods by Centic).
    Install Download
  • 1.25 “Mod. Centic”: (definitely cleaner than my version)
    Install Mirror
  • 1.25 “Mod. Centic/2”: (updated version 27-06-2009 😉 )
    Install Mirror

    Being Quick Commands by sabolton updated on 08/12/2009 please refer to the original link posted above from now on (I don’t use Quick Commands anymore, either).