Tastiera italiana in appliance Turnkey

Thanks avallac_h for the script: I just adapted it to italian (original script was for russian layout).

``# Disable purging italian locales
cat » /etc/locale.nopurge < <END it it_IT it_IT.UTF-8 END

Reinstall coreutils (separately, to avoid cyclic dependencies)

apt-get –reinstall install coreutils

Get a list of packages that lack locale files

I use sed to do the following things:

1) remove arch substring: “somepkg:i386” “somepkg:amd64” -> “smth”

2) remove commas: “somepkg1, somepkg2” -> “somepkg1 somepkg2”

3) remove coreutils from list (cyclic dependencies)

LOCALES=$(dpkg -S /usr/share/locale/ | sed -e ‘s/:.$//;s/,//g;s/coreutils//’)
I18N=$(dpkg -S /usr/share/i18n/ | sed -e ‘s/:.

apt-get --reinstall install $LOCALES
apt-get --reinstall install $I18N

# (Re-)Install some packages
apt-get --reinstall install \
console-setup kbd keyboard-configuration \
locales xkb-data

# Correcting "/etc/default/locale" file
echo '# File generated by update-locale' > /etc/default/locale
echo >> /etc/default/locale < <END # Reconfigure all that stuff dpkg-reconfigure locales dpkg-reconfigure console-setup dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration`` Source: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20130222/adding-locales-and-language-support-turnkey-lamp-stack</code>